The whole idea of using a microservices platform is being able to spend your time building a great microservices application and not stitching together disparate systems that will be difficult to use and operate.

You likely have a service that does an occasional GET request to a page and looks at the HTML, or maybe just looks for an HTTP 200 Response. You can make these tests more robust by actually having the health check endpoint check deeper and then return something meaningful. That could be as simple as "Healthy" or "Unhealthy" or it could be a whole JSON payload that tells you what's working and what's not. It's up to you!

For 30 years, we taught billions of humans that you need to be connected to the internet to consume the web via a browser! This means web users need to unlearn that web sites can’t be used offline. Making it work on a technical level therefore isn’t cutting it: The browser, as well as the sites who support going offline, have a responsibility to help their users rethink what the web means, how it behaves, what assumptions are now untrue that were true before.

How as a leader do you recognize the right thing to do? And how do you balance your responsibilities to shareholders, customers, employees, and society?

Optimize the checkout experience on mobile ecommerce channels by taking into account the strengths and limitations of mobile devices. Aim to minimize the number of steps and typing, and take advantage of capabilities such as geolocation and the camera.

Google Lighthouse is a an open-source tool developed by Google Chrome team. Lighthouse run many automated audits against a web page (public or private behind an authentification) and generate a report with passed and failed tests in order to improve the quality on many categories (Performance, Progressive Web Application PWA, SEO, Best practices and Accessibility).

An important aspect of running ASP.NET Core apps in the cloud is how you secure the secrets your app requires, things like connection strings and API keys. In this post, I show one approach to securing your application when you're running in AWS - using AWS Secrets Manager to access the secrets at runtime.