The Reddit engineering team recently introduced Go into their stack to write a new ad-serving system to replace a third party system. Deval Shah talks us through the architecture of the new service, the Reddit team's experience using Go for the first time, and all the lessons they've learned from using Go to build this ad server.

The real problem that I have with these interfaces comes from their improper usage. The original idea behind them is that they should be used as a base interfaces for your custom repository interfaces.

These patterns provide a stable foundation for a project, of any framework, any methodology, any team size — reducing the need for documentation, refactoring, and amount of tears shed by the developers’ eyes.

Have you mastered the way to inspect the generated HTML and applied CSS? Do you feel confident in debugging JavaScript in the browser? I hope yes, because in this post we cover some advanced techniques using the Chrome DevTools.

When I work with clients to build software, I take the usual steps of understanding their needs, gathering requirements, learning about their customers, and so on. At this point I have a model on paper of roughly what the software is intended to do, so they get surprised when I immediately turn to database design.

Sure, you can still buy them (and there are companies out there that would just love to sell them to you!), but their usefulness has now descended from "barely there" to "as good as non-existent". This change has come via a combination of factors including increasing use of mobile devices, removal of the EV visual indicator by browser vendors and as of today, removal from Safari on iOS (it'll also be gone in Mac OS Mojave).

Did you download your binary of Visual Studio Code directly from the official website? If so, you’re not using a Free Software and only Microsoft knows what was added to this binary. And you should think of the worst possible.