Variance refers to how subtyping between composite types (e.g. list of Cats versus list of Mammals) relates to subtyping between their components (e.g. Cats and Mammals).

There is a saying that goes "Price, Quality, Speed of delivery: Pick any two." that sums up most of our purchases. You can get something cheap and quick like a McDonald's burger, or have a nice restaurant meal but you'll wait longer and pay more. Makes sense doesn't it?

I’ve always thought that we should build the ‘correct size service’ rather than ‘microservices’ just for the sake of having them. It is equivalent to using Kubernetes with one docker container - you would have more etcd nodes…

This blog post is going to walk though setting up a Lumen app to work with Vue.js as a front-end and how to utilise Vue router for handling the front-end URL logic, while still using the Lumen routing to structure your API requests.

Profiling your React components may be the most important thing you can do to improve performance. Learn how to do this using the browser's User Timing API.

Infrastructure-as-Code (IAC) represents the point where these two concepts—automation and virtualization—come together. It has been one of the most exciting computing developments in recent memory and has had a transformative impact for devs that hasn’t been seen for quite some time.

You know a project is under serious pressure when people start camping out at the office.

When programmers talk about “regular expressions” they aren’t talking about formal grammars. They are talking about the regular expression derivative which their language implements. And those regex implementations are only very slightly related to the original notion of regularity.