Abhishek Sur

Abhishek Sur is a Microsoft MVP in Client App Dev since 2011. He is an architect in the .NET platform. He has profound theoretical insight and years of hands on experience in different .NET products and languages. Over the years, he has helped developers throughout the world with his experience and knowledge. He owns a Microsoft User Group in Kolkata named KolkataGeeks, and regularly organizes events and seminars in various places for spreading .NET awareness. A renowned public speaker, voracious reader, and technology buff, his main interest lies in exploring the new realms of .NET technology and coming up with priceless write-ups on the unexplored domains of .NET. He is associated with the Microsoft Insider list on WPF and C#, and is in constant touch with product group teams. He holds a Masters degree in Computers along with various other certificates to his credit. On the web, Abhishek is a freelance content producer, developer, and a site administrator. His website abhisheksur.com guides both budding and experienced developers to understand the details of languages and latest technology. He enjoys a huge fan following on social networks. You can reach him at [email protected], or get online updates from Facebook or Twitter @abhi2434.