Allen Firstenberg

By day, Allen is a Senior Project Engineer at where he has been instrumental in creating websites and mobile apps for companies and organizations from the American Booksellers Association to the National Science Foundation. By night he dons his super-coder cloak and creates tools, software, and tutorials to help people share their stories and improve their digital lives. Allen is a​members/[Google Developer Exper , recognized by Google as one of the leaders in the developer community for Google+ and Google Glass, and is a Glass Explorer and Pioneer, having attended the New York Glass Foundry event run by Google in early 2013. Appearing on the YouTube shows​port?feature=watch and​16225/posts (which he co-hosts), he is one of the first to heap praise on good ideas, one of the most brutal to criticize problems, and is relentlessly focused on helping people understand the grand vision. In the early days of the World Wide Web, he created one of the first collaborative websites,[Addventure], in an effort to push the boundaries and explore what could be done with the new media that was beginning to evolve. Allen holds a BS in Computer Science from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. He was inspired to join the Glass Explorers program when he realized how intimate and personal Glass would be, yet at the same time be inherently social. His goal is to help people find the experiences with Glass that can be done by nothing else on the market today, to watch people look at each other as they discover new ways to play games together with Glass, and to watch (and record) his son’s face as the two of them roll in laughter during a tickle fight. Allen is on​26533/posts and​firstenberg/0/130/950. He blogs about life and other four-letter words at