Andy Meadows

Andy Meadows has been in a love affair with technology since his third-grade teacher introduced him to her TRS-80 Model III in 1981. After several months of typing "Go North" on the keyboard, he began his foray into BASIC programming. The TRS-80 Model III begat a Commodore 64 and an introduction to Pascal. By 1988, he was spending his summers earning money by writing software in C for local small businesses. While attending college at the University of Georgia, Andy developed his passion for web development and, of course, beer. His first web application was a series of CGI scripts that output content for NCSA Mosaic and by 1994, he was designing web interfaces for global information systems. After college, Andy wandered listlessly through the IT world spending time in several verticals using several different languages, but he always returned home to web development. In 2002, he began his foray into mobile development beginning with native Java development, and quickly moving into the mobile web space where he began marrying his two passions: mobile web development and .NET. Since then, Andy has worked on several projects involving mobile development, web development, or both. He is extremely excited about the future of the mobile web made possible by the newest generation of mobile devices. He is currently working at a startup in Atlanta, where he lives with his wife and two children.