Bruno Demion

Bruno Demion, better known as Milamber, is a French computer scientist expatriated in Morocco since 2002, currently living in Témara (near Rabat). He works in a technology consulting and expertise company as a partner, senior technical expert and technical architect. Through his work and passion for IT, Milamber has strong skills in performance, troubleshooting, security and technical architectures around web technologies. Since December 2003, he has been working with JMeter to perform load tests in various missions and training courses. He contributes as much as possible to the JMeter project in his spare time, in particular on the translation into French of the graphical interface, corrections of anomalies as well as some behaviors (proxy https, new results tree, icon bar, etc.). He is currently a committer, PMC member and the PMC Chair of the Apache JMeter project within the Apache Software Foundation - ASF. He is also an official ASF member. His Apache ID is milamber. Milamber also has a personal blog with many articles and tutorials on Apache JMeter, some of which inspired this book.