Dennis Spillecke

Dennis, the leader of our global Brand & Marketing Spend Effectiveness group, helps clients build successful brands in an increasingly crowded consumer and media environment. He oversees large-scale marketing return on investment programs to help his clients optimize their marketing spending. In addition, he counsels clients on digital marketing and multichannel topics. Dennis is the author of many articles and essays on marketing topics, as well as the co-author of Retail Marketing and Branding, a book that helps retailers and consumer goods companies keep up with the latest developments in brand management, including segmentation, brand strategy, and brand delivery. The book also provides an overview of the new techniques in advanced media mix optimization and instrument optimization, including digital media topics. As the leader of our work on retail marketing in Europe, Dennis recently served a cosmetics retailer on marketing spend effectiveness, conducted a brand portfolio optimization effort for a jewelry company, and developed the digital strategy for a nonfood retailer.