Gagan Bansal

Gagan Bansal is a data scientist leading the development of financial forecasting capabilities in Cortana Analytics at Microsoft. Gagan joined Microsoft from Yahoo Labs, where he was a lead engineer building and deploying large-scale user modeling and scoring pipelines on both grid (Hadoop) and stream scoring systems for display-ad targeting applications. Prior to Yahoo!, he worked on social targeting in online advertising at 33Across. Before that, he worked for another startup where he was involved in the development of real-time video processing algorithms for advertising in sports broadcasts. Gagan obtained his masters in computer science from Johns Hopkins University, where he worked on pedestrian detection in videos for his thesis. Before that, he graduated with a Bachelors in Computer Science degree from Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi. Gagan enjoys working on problems related to machine learning, large-scale data processing, computer systems, and image processing.