Jason Roberts

With over 15 years experience, Jason Roberts is a Microsoft .NET MVP, freelance developer, writer and [Pluralsight course author](http://bit.ly/psjasonroberts). He is the author of multiple books including Clean C#, and C# Tips and writes at his blog [DontCodeTired.com](http://dontcodetired.com). He is an open source contributor and the creator of FeatureToggle. In addition to enterprise software development, he has also designed and developed both Windows Phone and Windows Store apps. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in computing and is an amateur music producer and landscape photographer. You can contact him on Twitter as [@robertsjason](https://twitter.com/robertsjason), at his blog [DontCodeTired.com](http://dontcodetired.com) or check out his [Pluralsight courses](http://bit.ly/psjasonroberts).