John Barlow

John Barlow currently is Technical Lead at Herff Jones focusing on Coldfusion/Java RIA applications utilizing dynamic HTML and Google Earth. John got his start learning Object Oriented programming with C++ along with focusing on the underpinnings of computer hardware. In his first foray into the real world, he supported High Speed camera equipment with all aspects of the term "support" — from basic troubleshooting to board level repair. Along with soldering, John also wrote custom control interfaces utilizing C++, Java, Win32, and Network Programming. From this platform, John moved into writing web applications all the while keeping to his roots as an application developer. With this in mind, John strives to make the web behave more like the application world most people are used to — enter RIA. John is an open source advocate, an avid photographer, and musician. Other interests include video encoding and streaming, compression technologies, clustering, and gaming.