Marti Hearst

Dr. Marti Hearst is a [professor]( in the [School of Information]( at the [University of California, Berkeley]( She received BA, MS, and PhD degrees in Computer Science from UC Berkeley and was a Member of the Research Staff at Xerox PARC from 1994 to 1997\. A primary focus of Dr. Hearst's research is user interfaces for search. She has invented or participated in several well-known search interface projects including Scatter/Gather clustering of search results, TileBars query term visualization, [BioText search]( over the bioscience literature, and the [Flamenco project]( that investigated and the promoted the use of faceted metadata for collection navigation. She has [published extensively]( on this and other topics. The Flamenco project has had a significant impact in industry and practice; interfaces similar in design to Flamenco are now the standard on e-commerce sites, image navigation sites, and library catalog sites, and support for faceted navigation is now standard in content management systems. Dr. Hearst has also acted as a consultant for a wide range of search companies. Dr. Hearst has advised more than 50 masters-level interface design projects, from problem formation and needs assessment through three rounds of evaluation. She has also taught Information Organization and Retrieval and a course called Search Engines: Technology, Society, and Business, which includes a set of [popular video lectures]( (also available at [youtube](

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