Obie Fernandez

The "one and only" [Obie Fernandez]( is an avid writer and technology enthusiast. His latest book, [Serverless](, describes how to fully leverage Amazon Web Services to achieve modern distributed application architecture. You'll never provision a server again! Besides writing and maintaining his passive income web projects, Obie is currently Chief Boot Officer at [Kickass Consulting](, where you can hire him for your own projects. His last jobby job was SVP of Engineering at NYC tech darling [2U]( He has been CTO and co-founder of many startups including Mark Zuckerberg's beloved [Andela]( and Trevor Owen's [Lean Startup Machine]( His published books include the acclaimed business title [The Lean Enterprise]( He also founded one of the world's best known Ruby on Rails web design and development agencies, [Hashrocket]( and is author of the bible of Rails development, The Rails Way and [series editor for Addison-Wesley's Professional Ruby Series]( On the rare occasion when Obie is not busy building products, consulting clients or writing books, you can find him behind the lens of his camera or DJing in the dust at Burning Man. Follow [@obie]( on Twitter or email him at [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])

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