Patrick Li

Patrick Li is the co-founder and CTO of AppFusions. AppFusions is an expert in developing and packaging integrated solutions for many enterprise applications and platforms, including IBM Connections, Jive, Atlassian, Google Apps, Box, Dropbox, and more. Being an expert with Atlassian products, he started working with JIRA right out of college and has been involved in the Atlassian ecosystem for over ten years. With AppFusions, Patrick has developed products and solutions on top of the Atlassian platform, which includes JIRA, Confluence, and more. He also provides expert consulting services, helping, advising, and guiding companies with best practices on using JIRA. Patrick is one of the top contributors to the Atlassian community, providing answers and advice on forums such as Atlassian Answers and Quora. He has extensive experience in designing and deploying Atlassian solutions from the ground up and customizing the existing deployments for clients across verticals such as healthcare, software engineering, financial services, and government agencies. You can reach Patrick on Quora at