Pieter van der Westhuizen

Pieter van der Westhuizen is a freelance software and web developer specializing in ASP.NET MVC, web technologies, and MS Office development. He started his career in web development using classic ASP, Visual InterDev, HoTMetaL, and FrontPage. Pieter has over 15 years of experience in the IT industry and is also one of the people fortunate enough to have his hobby become his full-time profession. He is also a technology evangelist for Add-in Express (www.add-in-express.com), which focuses on tools for Microsoft Office integration. He has been blogging since 2007 on his personal blog at www.mythicalmanmoth.comand on the Add-in Express blog since 2010. He lives with his wife and Harrier (the dog, not the bird or Jump Jet) in Pretoria, South Africa.

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