Tim McGuire

Tim is the head of McKinsey’s global Consumer Marketing Analytics Center (CMAC), a group of more than 150 consultants bringing advanced analytics capabilities to clients in the retail, packaged-goods, banking, telecom, and consumer-healthcare sectors to inform strategic decision making. Before taking on leadership of the CMAC group, he led our retail work in North and South America for many years. Working extensively across Canada, the US, the UK, Australia, and South America, Tim has developed and implemented turnaround and growth strategies for consumer services, food, general-merchandise, multiformat, and multichannel fashion retailers and wholesalers. He has helped executives with lean redesign and the application of lean-operations techniques, the redesign of merchandise flows from the distribution center to the shelf, and the redesign of purchasing and supplier-management approaches, along with supply-chain optimization efforts. Additionally, Tim has developed and market-tested new format and retail concepts, developed new growth positioning, and helped define new business opportunities. Before joining McKinsey, Tim was a marketer in Procter & Gamble’s food-and-beverage division, which included the introduction of new brands to the Canadian market. Based in Toronto, Tim is a board member of one of Canada's largest public hospitals and was a longtime United Way board member.