Art direction has been part of advertising and print design for over 100 years, but on the web art direction is rare and there have been few meaningful conversations about it. In his 2001 book Taking Your Talent to the Web, Jeffrey Zeldman wrote:

“On the web, art direction is rare, partly because much of the work is about guiding users rather than telegraphing concepts, but also because few design schools teach art direction.”

Almost two decades later, Art Direction for the Web by Andy Clarke has finally changed that and in this book he explains art direction, what it means, why it matters, and who can do it. This book shows you how art direction will:

  • Connect your brand with customers
  • Create connected experiences
  • Improve engagement and conversions
  • Bring personas and user stories to life
  • Take design beyond frameworks

About The Book

Modern web technologies like CSS Grid, Flexbox and Shapes have made it possible for us to implement print’s often distinctive designs, and the web’s now full of tutorials on how to use them. But the most important question is not “how” we can use art direction techniques to improve our designs for the web, but “when” and “why?”

Based on Andy Clarke’s twenty years’ experience of working with clients, plus the expertise of the art directors and designers he interviewed, this book is about why art direction matters and how to art-direct compelling and effective experiences across devices and platforms.

Andy explores the work of some of the most influential art directors, luminaries like Alexey Brodovitch, Bea Feitler, and Neville Brody. Andy doesn’t encourage us to merely mimic work from a previous era and medium, but to understand their thinking and learn how to apply that knowledge to art direction for the web.

Art Direction for the Web will help you make your sites more effective at communicating, persuading, and selling.

If you develop products, this book will make them more compelling and more enjoyable to use.

Andy Clarke

Andy Clarke is a well-known web designer, design consultant, and mentor. He’s been called plenty of things since he started working on the web. His ego likes terms such as “Ambassador for CSS,” “industry prophet,” and “inspiring,” but he’s most proud that Jeffrey Zeldman once called him a “triple-talented bastard.”

With his wife Sue, Andy founded Stuff & Nonsense in 1998, where they’ve helped companies around the world to improve their designs by providing consulting and design expertise.

Andy’s written several popular books on website design and development, including Hardboiled Web Design: Fifth Anniversary Edition, Hardboiled Web Design, and Transcending CSS: The Fine Art Of Web Design. He’s a popular speaker, and gives talks about art direction and design all over the world. Andy tweets as @malarkey and really, really loves gorillas.

  • What Art Direction Means
  • One Hundred Years Of Art Direction
  • Art-directing Experiences
  • Art Direction And Creative Teams
  • Principles Of Design
  • Directing Grids
  • Directing Type
  • Directing Pictures
  • Developing Layouts With CSS Grids
  • Developing Components With Flexbox
  • Developing Typography
  • Developing With Images