Do you view code reviews as a time suck, because they require a heavy-weight, meeting-based process? We reject this idea! Best Kept Secrets of Peer Code Review shows you how to perform effective lightweight code review – reviews that take 1/5th of the time of more traditional, heavy-weight reviews.

Until recently, code review hasn’t changed much since Michael Fagan’s seminal work in 1976 at IBM. But software development has changed dramatically. The techniques that worked well on IBM’s OS/360 assembly don’t apply to agile team developing a 3-tier application. Lightweight code review updates those stale 30-year-old code review techniques to meet the needs of today’s programming languages, requirements, and constraints. Now, programmers can conduct reviews that are fast, efficient, and painless – in 1/5th the time of Fagan-style reviews!

Read this essential code review primer to discover:

  • “Lessons learned” from more than 1000 programmers at 30+ companies.
  • Results from the world’s largest-ever published study on code review, encompassing 2500 code reviews, 50 programmers, and 3.2 million lines of code
  • Why many common corporate improvement initiatives, such as CMMi and PSP/TSP, require code review

Best of all, the book describes studies which prove that lightweight code is equally effective in finding bugs as the more heavy-weight, formal processes – in 1/5th the time, or even less! Improve the quality of your code starting in development.

  • Meet lightweight code review! It’s more efficient and less painful than traditional code reviews
  • Code Review ROI: Learn how much bugs cost and how you can save by fixing bugs early-on
  • SmartBear’s Cisco study: Code review metrics, what they mean, and proof points
  • Social effects of peer review and how you can effectively handle objections and diffuse potentially difficult situations
  • Proven best practices for efficient code review techniques, metrics collection, and analysis

Whether you are a programmer or development manager, this is the book for you!

Jason Cohen

Steven Teleki

Eric Brown