Nine years after the publish button was hit for the first time on Smashing Magazine we want to take this anniversary as an opportunity to give something back. We dived deep into our books on the look out for timeless treasures and neatly bundled them up in this free eBook. A humble gift to our dear readers who made it all possible and with whom we’ve grown and evolved over the years.

Smashing Magazine

  • Typography: Rules, Guidelines And Common Mistakes by Alessandro Cattaneo
  • When They Click: Psychology Of Web Design by Susan Weinschenk
  • Redesigning With Personality by Aarron Walter
  • Responsive Design Patterns by Brad Frost
  • Robust, Responsible, Responsive Web Design by Mat Marquis
  • Performance Optimization Roadmap by Vitaly Friedman
  • Becoming A Mobile Web Developer by Peter-Paul Koch
  • Grassroots Change by Paul Boag
  • Beyond The Boring: The Hunt For The Web’s Lost Soul by Joshua Johnson

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