Big Data is the biggest game-changing opportunity for marketing and sales since the Internet went mainstream almost 20 years ago. The data big bang has unleashed torrents of terabytes about everything from customer behaviors to weather patterns to demographic consumer shifts in emerging markets. This collection of articles, videos, interviews, and slideshares highlights the most important lessons for companies looking to turn data into above-market growth:

  • Using analytics to identify valuable business opportunities from the data to drive decisions and improve marketing return on investment (MROI)
  • Turning those insights into well-designed products and offers that delight customers
  • Delivering those products and offers effectively to the marketplace.

The goldmine of data represents a pivot-point moment for marketing and sales leaders. Companies that inject big data and analytics into their operations show productivity rates and profitability that are 5 percent to 6 percent higher than those of their peers. That’s an advantage no company can afford to ignore.

David Court

David currently leads McKinsey’s functional practices on a global basis. He previously led McKinsey’s Sales & Marketing Practice globally, and was also the managing director of the Dallas Office and a leader of McKinsey’s Retail and Consumer Packaged Goods Practices.

Since joining McKinsey in 1982, David has served clients across a variety of consumer and industry-related businesses in Asia, Europe, Latin America, and the US. His experience includes helping clients launch e-commerce businesses (both in North America and Asia); leading brand and sub-brand strategies; developing and implementing sales skill-building programs in global companies; creating new organization approaches (i.e., structure, systems evaluation) for sales and marketing organizations; and developing and implementing strategies that put in place sophisticated customer relationship management approaches and programs.

Jesko Perrey

Jesko is the global knowledge leader of the Marketing & Sales practice, and helps clients to transform marketing & sales capabilities so they can deliver above-market growth. He works with clients to create digitally adept and agile organizations by helping them bring together the science (customer insights, marketing analytics, marketing ROI), art (brand building, communications, customer experience), and craft (brand delivery, multichannel execution, digital capabilities) of marketing & sales.

As customer experience becomes ever more critical, touch points proliferate, and the demand for growth increases in the digital era, Jesko helps clients develop the necessary cross-functional skills to beat the market. His most recent projects include: Developing a digital marketing strategy at leading European grocery player; helping develop and implement a customer lifecycle management (CLM) strategy for a leading specialty retailer, defining and helping deliver an effective branding and customer experience for a leading energy group.

Jesko is the author of many articles and essays in leading journals and compendiums on subjects such as digital transformations, customer-driven growth, branding, marketing ROI, and above-market growth. He is the co-author of the book Power Brands: Measuring, Building, and Managing Brand Success, and is a frequent speaker on topics from the future of marketing to the power of customer experience.

Tim McGuire

Tim is the head of McKinsey’s global Consumer Marketing Analytics Center (CMAC), a group of more than 150 consultants bringing advanced analytics capabilities to clients in the retail, packaged-goods, banking, telecom, and consumer-healthcare sectors to inform strategic decision making. Before taking on leadership of the CMAC group, he led our retail work in North and South America for many years.

Working extensively across Canada, the US, the UK, Australia, and South America, Tim has developed and implemented turnaround and growth strategies for consumer services, food, general-merchandise, multiformat, and multichannel fashion retailers and wholesalers. He has helped executives with lean redesign and the application of lean-operations techniques, the redesign of merchandise flows from the distribution center to the shelf, and the redesign of purchasing and supplier-management approaches, along with supply-chain optimization efforts. Additionally, Tim has developed and market-tested new format and retail concepts, developed new growth positioning, and helped define new business opportunities.

Before joining McKinsey, Tim was a marketer in Procter & Gamble’s food-and-beverage division, which included the introduction of new brands to the Canadian market.

Based in Toronto, Tim is a board member of one of Canada's largest public hospitals and was a longtime United Way board member.

Jonathan Gordon

Jonathan is a global leader of McKinsey’s Marketing Return on Investment as well as Branding service lines. He focuses on marketing issues within the consumer packaged goods industry in particular, with an emphasis on portfolio and brand strategy, marketing ROI, marketing organization, and marketing capability building.

Since he joined McKinsey, Jonathan has served many consumer clients across a range of categories. His recent engagements include leading brand and portfolio strategy for a leading beer company, developing a marketing capability development for a major beverage company, and maximizing marketing channel returns for a global foods company.

Dennis Spillecke

Dennis, the leader of our global Brand & Marketing Spend Effectiveness group, helps clients build successful brands in an increasingly crowded consumer and media environment. He oversees large-scale marketing return on investment programs to help his clients optimize their marketing spending. In addition, he counsels clients on digital marketing and multichannel topics.

Dennis is the author of many articles and essays on marketing topics, as well as the co-author of Retail Marketing and Branding, a book that helps retailers and consumer goods companies keep up with the latest developments in brand management, including segmentation, brand strategy, and brand delivery. The book also provides an overview of the new techniques in advanced media mix optimization and instrument optimization, including digital media topics.

As the leader of our work on retail marketing in Europe, Dennis recently served a cosmetics retailer on marketing spend effectiveness, conducted a brand portfolio optimization effort for a jewelry company, and developed the digital strategy for a nonfood retailer.