A Guide to Understanding Blockchain and Ethereum for Non-Developer Audiences

This is a guide to help you develop a mental model of blockchain technology as well as its impact on society and business. We have compiled this guide to touch upon all the material you need to feel confident in your blockchain knowledge.

Start your journey to join the those who have taken the plunge into Ethereum and blockchain by diving into basics.

Topics covered include:

  • A Short History of Blockchain
  • Ethereum Basics
  • Case Studies of Current Blockchain Projects

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Authors Introduction How to Ask Questions, Comment, and Raise Concerns What's the Big Deal Principles of Decentralization A Brief History of Blockchain Blockchain Basics Public vs Private Blockchains Connecting Blockchains Together The Ethereum Blockchain Ethereum Limitations and Scaling Solutions A Further Discussion of Smart Contracts Tokens and Crowdfunding Self-Sovereign Identity and Reputation Decentralized Governance and Voting Cryptoeconomics Decentralized Storage Prediction Markets Decentralized Exchanges and Peer-to-peer Trading Price Stablization Conclusion Bibliography