Using Bootstrap and the MVC Framework to Build Web Applications

So, you're a developer building an app, and you want it to look great?

Take the guesswork out of your design and leave the "making it look good" part to the many designers who use the Bootstrap front end framework. Exploit your skills as a .NET developer and your background in ASP.NET to explore ways you can leverage the MVC Framework with Bootstrap.

These pages walk you through a sample project with the explicit intent of using the MVC Framework in conjunction with the web's most popular CSS and JavaScript framework.

Dive into controllers, actions, views and partials to see how these elements of your application development arsenal fit in with Bootstrap styling. Break down action filters and base controller classes to weave them together with specific elements of the design library.

James Chambers

James Chambers is a speaker, writer and mentor who builds web applications in the cloud on the .NET platform. A three-time recipient of the Microsoft MVP Award, James shares his experiences and mistakes in this short work covering two technologies seeing rapid adoption among web developers worldwide.

  • Introduction to Bootstrapping Mvc

  • Following Along with the Source Code

  • I Warming Up

    • 1. The MVC 5 Starter Project
    • 2. Examining the Solution Structure
    • 3. Adding a Controller and View
    • 4. Making a Page Worth a Visit
    • 5. Bootstrap for the Asp.Net Developer
  • II Enhancing Our Views
    • 6. Reusing Design Elements on Multiple Pages
    • 7. Semi-Automatic Bootstrap: Using Display Templates
    • 8. Semi-Automatic Bootstrap: Editor Templates
    • 9. Templates for Complex Types
    • 10. HtmlHelper Extension Methods
    • 11. Realistic Test Data for Our View
  • III Exploring Bootstrap
    • 12. Implement Search Using Inline Forms and AJAX
    • 13. Standard Styling and Horizontal Forms
    • 14. Bootstrap Alerts and MVC Framework TempData
    • 15. Some Bootstrap Basics
    • 16. Conceptual Organization of the Bootstrap Library
    • 17. LESS is More: Building Bootstrap in Visual Studio
  • IV Adding Some Sparkle
    • 18. Customizing and Rendering Bootstrap Badges
    • 19. Long-Running Notifications Using Badges and Entity Framework Code First
    • 20. An ActionFilter to Inject Notifications
    • 21. Cleaning Up Filtering, the Layout & the Menu
  • V So, You’ve Got People Logging In
    • 22. Sprucing up Identity for Logged In Users
    • 23. Choosing Your Own Look-And-Feel
    • 24. Storing User Profile Information
    • 25. Personalizing Notifications
    • 26. Bootstrap Tabs for Managing Accounts
    • 27. Rendering Data in a Bootstrap Table
  • VI Wrapping Up With Some More Bootstrap

    • 28. Doing More Interesting Things With Buttons
    • 29. Confirmation Dialogs for Delete Actions
    • 30. Loading Bootstrap Modal Content via AJAX
    • Wrapping it All Up

    • Appendix I: Free Training For All the Peoples!

    • Appendix II: The Frameworks Feature Guide