Teaching You The Core Fundamentals For Getting Your Career Started in Penetration Testing.

This book will cover off all of the basic topics to get you from zero to junior pentester level, it is split into two parts; Learning the Ropes 101 - Aiming to cover off all of the basic topic areas that anyone hoping to break into security should understand & Web Application Testing/hacking - This introduces the concepts behind web application penetration testing and what to look for, how to look for it and why it can be important.

Andy Gill

Andy started out his IT career fixing other people's computers, later moving on to data recovery and is now a penetration tester by day, researcher and blogger by night.

Aside from IT and Technology Andy also trains Karate, runs a local DEF CON chapter & can often be found at most of the busy UK conferences socialising with folks.

You can find his site at https://zephr.fish, his blog at https://blog.zsec.uk or message him on twitter.