A unique book of essays on the positives and negatives of agile software development

Learn how to be successful in adopting Agile and see good and bad examples of how Agile can be adopted. Broken Agile, Second Edition contains stories from years of real world experience on Agile teams and projects. The stories in each chapter are both educational and entertaining. Each chapter focuses on specific Agile values and principles. The stories in each chapter are used to illustrate how Agile values and principles are sometimes misunderstood or misapplied on Agile teams and projects. You will read how Agile is used in the real world and the consequences of poor adaptations of the Agile software development methodology. These stories will help you in your journey to adopt Agile software development.

What You'll Learn

  • What are good and bad examples of how Agile can be adopted
  • What are some specific Agile values and principles
  • How some of these are misunderstood or misapplied
  • How Agile is used in the real world
  • What are the consequences of poor adoption of the Agile software methodology
  • How some companies have been successful in adopting Agile


This book is for experienced software developers in their journey to adopt Agile Software development. It is very useful for those considering implementation of Agile processes.

Tim Brizard

Tim Brizard is a Software Engineer in Orlando, Florida. He has designed and developed enterprise level systems since 1997. His experience includes architecting solutions for both small and large companies alike. He started his programming career using COBOL, RPG, and Unix and then started to use object-oriented languages like C++ and Java (r). He has a comprehensive knowledge of object-oriented languages, distributed computing, and database solutions. His architecture experience ranges from simple client-server to n-tier applications. He has a passion for software delivery and teaching others about improving the quality of software.