Learn how to build an interactive mapping application with ASP.NET Core, JavaScript and Mapbox

There are many books and courses that teach you ASP.NET Core. Most of these show you how to build some sort of CRUD application which display items in a grid on the screen and allow you to add, edit or delete items.

But I wanted to do something a little different. And more fun!

And I also wanted to teach developers how to do something other than insert data in a database. Yes, that is an important skill, but it is only part of the picture.

So I set out to write a simple app which which will teach you some other skills, such as talking to external APIs, working with CSV files, displaying data on a map and much more!

This book will take you through the process of building a simple application which allow users to explore all the airports of the world on a map.

What you'll learn

Here's what you will learn in this book:

  • Building a very simple, one page ASP.NET Razor Pages application.
  • Using AJAX requests in an ASP.NET Razor Pages application.
  • Using Mapbox to display a map and add markers to the map
  • Handling a large amount of markers on a map using clusters.
  • Reading data from a CSV file.
  • Using GeoJSON to represent geographical information.
  • Using 3rd party APIs such as Google Places to augment airport information.
  • Using Algolia Places to add a location search autocomplete
  • Determining the current location of a user from their IP address.
  • Using the Tailwind CSS framework to style HTML.

Jerrie Pelser

My name is Jerrie Pelser. I am a South African software developer with 20+ years professional development experience, currently living in Bangkok, Thailand. This is my personal blog where I write mostly about technical software development issues - though I may throw in some random thoughts from time to time.

I have been using C# and .NET since the first beta versions came out in 2000. Before that I also worked with Delphi, Visual Basic and Clipper.

Lately I am focused mostly on ASP.NET Core and curate ASP.NET Weekly, which is a weekly digest of all the best ASP.NET related news and blog posts.

I am working as a freelance software developer with a small number of select clients, leaving me enough time to work on my own projects, blog and learning new technologies.

Despite making Bangkok my home base, I live a fairly nomadic lifestyle. I enjoy traveling the world, exploring new cultures and food, and learning new languages.