This book provides implementations of common and uncommon algorithms in pseudocode which is language independent and provides for easy porting to most imperative programming languages. It is not a definitive book on the theory of data structures and algorithms.

For the most part this book presents implementations devised by the authors themselves based on the concepts by which the respective algorithms are based upon so it is more than possible that our implementations differ from those considered the norm.

You should use this book alongside another on the same subject, but one that contains formal proofs of the algorithms in question. In this book we use the abstract big Oh notation to depict the run time complexity of algorithms so that the book appeals to a larger audience.

Granville Barnett

Granville is currently a Ph.D candidate at Queensland University of Technology (QUT) working on parallelism at the Microsoft QUT eResearch Centre1. He also holds a degree in Computer Science, and is a Microsoft MVP. His main interests are in programming languages and compilers. Granville can be contacted via one of two places: either his personal website ( or his blog (

Luca Del Tongo

Luca is currently studying for his masters degree in Computer Science at Florence. His main interests vary from web development to research fields such as data mining and computer vision. Luca also maintains an Italian blog which can be found at