The Art and Wisdom of Changing Teams

Team change will happen whether we like it or not. People will come and go from our teams. Our companies might double in size or even get acquired. We can catalyze team change to reduce the risk of attrition, learning and career stagnation and the development of knowledge silos. Dynamic Reteaming describes practices for effective reteaming as well as antipatterns.

In this book you'll learn how to integrate new people into an existing team, how to deal with the loss of team members, when to split a team, how to isolate teams for focused innovation, how to rotate team members for knowledge sharing, how to break through organizational stagnation and much more.

Heidi Shetzer Helfand

Heidi brings a practitioner approach with 18 years coaching and influencing cross-functional teams. She was an early employee at two highly successful startups from roughly 10 team members to 700. The first was ExpertCity, Inc. (acquired by CitrixOnline) where she was on the development team that invented GoToMyPC, GoToMeeting and GoToWebinar. After that she was ScrumMaster turned Principal Agile Coach at AppFolio, Inc., a SAAS workflow software company that went public in 2015. She is currently Director of Engineering Excellence at Procore Technologies.

Heidi is an Organizational Relationships Systems Coach (ORSC) with the goal of helping teams self-reflect and shift from working in silos to working as cohesive teams. She is also a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) with an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) credential through the International Coach Federation (ICF). This coaching expertise is critical for helping people transform their mindsets.

Heidi challenges the notion that you need to keep your teams “the same” in order to be successful. Heidi’s book on Dynamic Reteaming has case studies from several successful companies that change up their team compositions in order to meet market demands or to encourage continual learning or fulfillment of team members. Find out more about Heidi at or on twitter @heidihelfand