Part of the ScrumMaster role is to ensure that everyone on their team is educated about Scrum and to evangelise Scrum to their organisation. Over the past few years we have come across many ScrumMasters who have great intentions of running training but then get bogged down in the planning and preparation and don't ever get round to actually doing it.

We have been training teams in Scrum for about three years. Over the past year we have trained Certified ScrumMaster classes worldwide. During this time we have spent many hours preparing training plans and creating workbooks, flipcharts and slides. Our materials have been continually refined from feedback after each course. All our training uses Training from the Back of the Room principles.

This book is a collection of all of our materials. It will help you plan and deliver interactive, fun Scrum training for anything from a short workshop on a particular topic to a full two-day course. If you buy the book you will also get access to our slides, participant workbook, exercise handouts and training plans.

Karen Greaves

I'm an Agile Trainer and Coach at Growing Agile. I try to bring fun into everything I do whether it is work or home. At work I love helping teams and individuals find ways to improve and enjoy what they do. At home I enjoy playing xbox, cuddling with my cats, and drinking champagne.

Samantha Laing

My passion for agile is lived daily at Growing Agile. My personal motto is ‘be brave’, and I embody this by taking on challenges one small step at a time. On weekends you can find me trail running on a mountain.

    • Foreword by Ron Jeffries

    • Foreword by Sharon Bowman

    • Praise for Growing Agile: A Coach’s Guide to Training Scrum

    • Acknowledgements

    • About the Authors

    • How To Use The Coach’s Guide Series

    • Chapter 1: Introduction

    • Chapter 2: Agenda and Timings

    • Chapter 3: Getting Started

    • Chapter 4: Agile Manifesto

    • Chapter 5: Empirical and Stacey

    • Chapter 6: Question Backlog

    • Chapter 7: Values and Principles

    • Chapter 8: Scrum Framework

    • Chapter 9: Product Backlog

    • Chapter 10: Backlog Grooming

    • Chapter 11: Estimation

    • Chapter 12: Release Planning

    • Chapter 13: Teams

    • Chapter 14: Distributed Scrum

    • Chapter 15: Close Day 1

    • Chapter 16: Recap

    • Chapter 17: Scrum Roles

    • Chapter 18: Sprint Planning 1

    • Chapter 19: Sprint Planning 2

    • Chapter 20: Sprint

    • Chapter 21: Definition of Done

    • Chapter 22: Sprint Review

    • Chapter 23: Sprint Retrospective

    • Chapter 24: Simulation Round 2

    • Chapter 25: Questions and Answers

    • Chapter 26: Quiz

    • Chapter 27: Close Course

  • Appendix * Fast Pass

    • Agreements

    • Ball Toss

    • Pair Share

    • Standing Survey

    • Meet a Stranger

    • Pop-Ups

    • Thumb Vote

    • Gallery Walk

    • More Techniques

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