The only book available to cover the critical topic hardening cloud applications for maximum reliability and security

Learn what it takes to build large scale, mission critical applications -hardened applications- on the Azure cloud platform.

This 208 page book covers the techniques and engineering principles that every architect and developer needs to know to harden their Azure/.NET applications to ensure maximum reliability and high availability when deployed at scale. While the techniques are implemented in .NET and optimized for Azure, the principles here will also be valuable for users of other cloud-based development platforms.

Applications come in a variety of forms, from simple apps that can be built and deployed in hours to mega-scale apps that need significantly higher engineering rigor and robust organizations to deliver them. How do you build such massively scalable applications to keep pace with traffic demands while always being ‘online’ with five 9's availability?

The authors take you step by step through the process of evaluating and building applications with the appropriate hardness attributes. For example, it is easy to say that an application should be available "all the time", but it is very important to understand what each level of 9 for availability means and the resulting implications on engineering and resources. The book explains the details required for developers and IT Pros to get it right in Azure.

Suren Machiraju

Leader in bridging business and technical worlds together to build powerful, sustainable solutions.

Innovator with over 20 patents relating to Electronic Document Interchange and Transport Protocols.

Suraj Gaurav

Suraj Gaurav is a technologist with 14 years experience in building large-scale services and software systems that impact 100s of millions of users along with extensive experience in IP creation and leading large teams. He has worked in Microsoft for over 12 years in various groups including Office 365/Exchange Online, Microsoft Azure Commerce Platform and BizTalk Server. Most recently, he served as Engineering leader for identity synchronization engine of Microsoft Office 365 parallel execution on thousands of servers and replicating hundreds of millions of data objects at extremely high rates. Other interesting initiatives Mr. Gaurav lead include: PowerShell manageability surface of Exchange service; consumption based billing platform capable of processing 10s of Millions of real time stream of usage events a day. Additionally Mr. Gaurav has extensive experience in integration servers/B2B messaging via his work on BizTalk Server B2B engine.

Mr. Gaurav has a strong track record of delivering innovative solutions and has filed over 25 patents. Mr. Gaurav holds a Computer Science degree from the premier, Indian Institute of Technology and launched his career in Silicon Valley at Asera, building composite application and workflow platform. Asera was a Kleiner Perkins VC funded company. At Maarg Labs, Mr. Gaurav is the Chief Technology Officer.