If you’re simply looking for a bit of guidance on creating a form or are looking to create a cross-platform mobile app in Xamarin, this ebook is for you. Falafel’s Xamarin expert and Master Consultant, Jesse Liberty, covers everything you need to become a Xamarin development master in his complimentary ebook.
This ebook is based on his wildly popular blog post series “Learning Xamarin.”

In this Xamarin ebook, you will learn:

  • Everything you need to create forms
  • The basics of storyboarding
  • How to build out and edit the app in Xamarin

Jesse Liberty

Jesse Liberty, "Silverlight Geek", is a Senior Program Manager for Microsoft.
Even before joining Microsoft, Jesse was well known in the industry in part because of his many bestselling books, including O'Reilly Media's Programming .NET 3.5, Programming C# , Learning ASP.NET with AJAX and the soon to be published Programming Silverlight 4.
Jesse has over two decades experience writing software, consulting and training, with stints as at AT&T as a Distinguished Software Engineer and at Citibank as a Vice President in the Information Division.