LINQPad Succinctly offers IT professionals a detailed examination of how and why LINQPad can improve development lifecycle and deliver applications in less time. Author José Roberto Olivas Mendoza begins with a detailed overview of LINQPad's features, then delves into the installation process, including necessary prerequisites. Readers then get instruction on how to get the most out of LINQPad, such as how to query data bases and using LINQPad as a code scratchpad, which allows users to save significant time and effort on application delivery.

José Roberto Olivas Mendoza

  1. Introduction
  2. Installing LINQPad
  3. Beginning with LINQPad
  4. LINQPad Basics
  5. Querying Databases with LINQ-to-SQL
  6. LINQPad as a Code Scratchpad
  7. General Summary
  8. General Conclusions about LINQPad
  9. Appendix