Neural networks are an exciting field of software development used to calculate outputs from input data. While the idea seems simple enough, the implications of such networks are staggering—think optical character recognition, speech recognition, and regression analysis. With Neural Networks Using C# Succinctly by James McCaffrey, you'll learn how to create your own neural network to solve classification problems, or problems where the outcomes can only be one of several values. Learn about encoding and normalizing data, activation functions and how to choose the right one, and ultimately how to train a neural network to find weights and bias values that provide accurate predictions. Download the book today!

James McCaffrey

James McCaffrey is a research software development engineer at Microsoft Research in Redmond, WA. James has worked on several key Microsoft products including Internet Explorer and Bing. James has a BA in psychology from the University of California at Irvine, a BA in mathematics from California State University at Fullerton, an MS in computer science from Hawaii Pacific University, and a PhD from the University of Southern California. James is also the Senior Contributing Editor for Microsoft's MSDN Magazine.

  1. Neural Networks
  2. Perceptrons
  3. Feed-Forward
  4. Back-Propagation
  5. Training