Scalable Server-Side Code with JavaScript

This book introduces you to Node, the new web development framework written in JavaScript. You'll learn hands-on how Node makes life easier for experienced JavaScript developers: not only can you work on the front end and back end in the same language, you'll also have more flexibility in choosing how to divide application logic between client and server.

Written by a core contributor to the framework, Node: Up and Running shows you how Node scales up to support large numbers of simultaneous connections across multiple servers, and scales down to let you create quick one-off applications with minimal infrastructure. Built on the V8 JavaScript engine that runs Google Chrome, Node is already winning the hearts and minds of many companies, including Google and Yahoo! This book shows you why.

  • Understand Node's event-loop architecture, non-blocking I/O, and event-driven programming
  • Discover how Node supports a variety of database and data storage tools
  • Learn best practices for writing easy-to-maintain code for Node
  • Get concrete examples of how to use the various Node APIs in practice
  • Take advantage of the book’s complete API reference

Tom Hughes-Croucher

Tom Hughes-Croucher is a developer and technology evangelist. He’s worked for and with numerous well known brands, including Yahoo!, NASA, Tesco, Three Telecom, and UK Channel 4. Tom has contributed to a number of web standards for the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) and the British Standards Institute (BSI).

Mike Wilson

Mike has had the privilege of working with some of the largest and most influential brands in the world, including Disney, Microsoft and McDonalds. He has years of web development experience, designing and building everything from small business sites to large MMO server clusters hosting millions of players.In his free time Mike maintains his personal blog ( and contributes to forums and experiments with emerging frameworks and software. Mike lives in Vancouver with his wife and their three children.

  1. Up and Running

    1. Chapter 1 A Very Brief Introduction to Node.js

      1. Installing Node.js
      2. First Steps in Code
      3. Why Node?
    2. Chapter 2 Doing Interesting Things

      1. Building a Chat Server
      2. Let’s Build Twitter
    3. Chapter 3 Building Robust Node Applications

      1. The Event Loop
      2. Patterns
      3. Writing Code for Production
  2. Deep Dive and API Reference

    1. Chapter 4 Core APIs

      1. Events
      2. HTTP
      3. I/O
    2. Chapter 5 Helper APIs

      1. DNS
      2. Crypto
      3. Processes
      4. Testing Through assert
      5. VM
    3. Chapter 6 Data Access

      1. NoSQL and Document Stores
      2. Relational Databases
      3. Connection Pooling
      4. MQ Protocols
    4. Chapter 7 Important External Modules

      1. Express
      2. Socket.IO
    5. Chapter 8 Extending Node

      1. Modules
      2. Package Manager
      3. Add-ons
  3. Glossary

  4. Colophon