Learn JavaScript and Node.js by exploring npm

I'm excited to share these tutorials with you! The goal of this series of tutorials is to showcase awesome modules found on npm.

There are over 150,000 modules on npm, so there's a wildly big number of opportunities for checking out how various npm modules can work together.

I encourage you to help guide the direction of this book! If there are particular modules that you'd like to see covered, please email me at [email protected] or create an issue on the project issue queue on GitHub: github.com/learn-js/npm-recipes/issues.

Seth Vincent

Seth is an independent programmer, designer experienced with designing and developing for a wide range of web frameworks and content management systems. Previously he's worked as a writing tutor and as an advisor of a student news organization, advising on technology, journalism, and leadership. He is a co-organizer of Code for Seattle and SeattleWiki, and owner of super big tree.

  • Introduction

    • Thank you!

    • Tools we’ll use in this book

  • 1. Creating standalone JavaScript library builds with browserify, watchify, and uglify-js

    • Create your package.json file

    • Set up the project files & directories

    • Install development dependencies

    • Module usage examples

    • Add build scripts to the “scripts” field

    • Run the build scripts!

    • Usage of the library

    • More like this

  • Using rework-npm for bundling css from npm along with myth and clean-css

  • Create a Node.js web app that pulls data from content APIs using hyperquest, director, handlebars, and other modules from npm

    • Basic usage examples

    • Building the application

    • Setup the project

  • Preloading and rendering image sprites in 2d js/canvas games

    • Set up the project

    • Install dependencies

    • gameloop

    • load-images

    • sprite-2d

    • Running the example