Object-Oriented Reengineering Patterns collects and distills successful techniques in planning a reengineering project, reverse-engineering, problem detection, migration strategies and software redesign. This book is made available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 license. You can either download the PDF for free, or you can buy a softcover copy from lulu.com. Additional material is available from the book's web page at http://scg.unibe.ch/oorp

Serge Demeyer

Serge Demeyer is a professor at the University of Antwerp (Department of Mathematics and Computer Science) where he leads a research group investigating the theme of "Software Reengineering" (LORE - Lab On REengineering).

His main research interest concerns software engineering (more precisely, reengineering in an object-oriented context) but due to historical reasons he maintains a heavy interest in hypermedia systems as well.

He is an active member of the corresponding international research communities, serving in various conference organization and program committees.

Stéphane Ducasse

Since September 2007, I'm research director at INRIA Lille leading the RMoD Team. During 10 years, I co-directed with Oscar Nierstrasz the Software Composition Group. I'm the president of ESUG. I co-founded Synectique, a company that offers specific tools for Software analysis. I'm one of the leader of Pharo: a new exciting dynamic language.

Oscar Nierstraz

Oscar Marius Nierstrasz, born October 15, 1957, is a Professor at the Computer Science Institute at the University of Berne, and a specialist in software engineering and programming languages.