A Problem-Solution Approach

Objective-C Recipes provides a problem solution approach for dealing with key aspects of Objective-C programming, ensuring you have the indispensable reference you need to successfully execute common programming tasks. You will see how to use the unique features of the Objective-C programming language, the helpful features of the Foundation framework, and the benefits of using Objective-J as an alternative. Solutions are available for a range of problems, including:

  • Application development with Xcode
  • Working with strings, numbers and object collections
  • Using foundation classes like NSArray, NSString, NSData and more
  • Dealing with threads, multi-core processing and asynchronous processing
  • Building applications that take advantage of dates and timers and memory management
  • How to use Objective-C on other platforms

Objective-C Recipes is an essential reference for every Objective-C programmer, and offers solutions in a concise and easy-to-follow manner. Matthew Campbell has trained over 800 new iOS developers at the Mobile App Mastery Institute and iOS Code Camp, and here brings his expertise to offer you the ability to use and exploit Objective-C to get the most out of all of your projects.

What you’ll learn

  • What strings and arrays are, and how to use them
  • How to manage your data effectively
  • How to build and work with dictionaries, dates and times, timers and localization
  • How to deal with threads, multi-core processing and asynchronous processing
  • How to utilize Cocoa and core frameworks for user interfaces and experience design and development
  • How to access and work with iOS SDK for iPhone and iPad apps design and development

Who this book is for

This book is for iOS, OS X as well as general Objective-C language programmers and users who want straightforward methods to do essential programming tasks in Objective-C.

Matthew Campbell

Matthew Campbell has written many books on software development including Objective-C Recipes with Apress, How to Build an App, Beginning Objective-C Programming and How to Make an iPhone App. Currently, Matt is working on another book with Apress named Objective-C Syntax Quick Reference. All of Matt's books are based on Matt's experience teaching hundreds of developers iOS.

Matt is also the lead developer for the Tasting Notes iOS application and founder of Mobile App Mastery, which trains software developers. Prior to founding Mobile App Mastery, Matt worked for the Educational Testing Service as a data analyst where he used SAS and .NET to help with scientific research.

  1. Application Development With XCode
  2. Working With Strings And Numbers

  3. Working With Object Collections

  4. File System

  5. Dates And Timers

  6. Threads, Multi-Core Processing and Asynchronous Processing

  7. Consuming Web Services

  8. Memory Management

  9. Dealing With Your Object Graph

  10. Core Data

  11. Using Objective-C On Other Platforms