There are some really great books out there about unit testing, but I think some of them are trying too hard to be long enough to be considered a "book". I set out to create a document that fills the gap between the various snippets of information from blog posts, and the comprehensive books on the subject. If you're interested in something a bit more in-depth, here are some great books on the subject:

  • The Art of Unit Testing by Roy Osherove
  • xUnit Test Patterns by Gerard Meszaros

The paper currently consists of 5 main sections:

  • Why Write Unit Tests?
  • Unit Test Mechanics
  • Common Unit Testing Strategies
  • Designing for Testability
  • Advanced Techniques

Jason Young

Software developer at heart, technical evangelist for Microsoft by day.

  • Introduction
  • Unit Testing & Managers
  • What Unit Tests Really Do
  • Types of Testing
  • Testing Framework
  • Test Runner
  • Unit Test Structure
  • Other Test Attributes
  • What is Refactoring?
  • Test Driven Development
  • Evolving Code
  • When Should You Write Unit Tests?
  • Test is for Functionality, Not Code!
  • The Constraints of Reality
  • Interfaces - Quick Overview
  • Using a Mocking Framework
  • Stubshe Test Driven Design Paradox
  • Testing Under Pressure
  • Extracting Duplicate Logic
  • Modular Design Benefits