Pro Team Foundation Service gives you a jump-start into Microsoft’s cloud-based Application Lifecycle Management platform, taking you through the different stages of software development. Every project needs to plan, develop, test and release software and with agile practices often at a higher pace than ever before.

Microsoft's Team Foundation Service is a cloud-based platform that gives you tools for agile planning and work tracking. It has a code repository that can be used not only from Visual Studio but from Java platforms and Mac OS X. The testing tools allow testers to start testing at the same time as developers start developing. The book also covers how to set up automated practices such as build, deploy and test workflows.

This book:

  • Takes you through the major stages in a software development project.
  • Gives practical development guidance for the whole team.
  • Enables you to quickly get started with modern development practices.

With Microsoft Team Foundation Service comes a collaboration platform that gives you and your team the tools to better perform your tasks in a fully integrated way.

What you’ll learn

  • What ALM is and what it can do for you.
  • Leverage a cloud-based ALM platform for quick improvements in your development process.
  • Improve your agile development process using integrated tools and practices.
  • Develop automated build, deployment and testing processes.
  • Integrate different development tools with one collaboration platform.
  • Get started with ALM best-practices first time round.

Who this book is for

Pro Team Foundation Service is for any development team that wants to take their development practices to the next level. Microsoft Team Foundation Service is an excellent platform for managing the entire application development lifecycle and being a cloud-based offering it is very easy to get started. Pro Team Foundation Service is a great guide for anyone in a team who wants to get started with the service and wants to get expert guidance to do it right.

Mathias Olausson

Mathias Olausson works as the ALM practice lead for Transcendent Group, specializing in software craftsmanship and application lifecycle management. With over 15 years of experience as a software consultant and trainer, he has worked in numerous projects and organizations. Mathias has been a Microsoft Visual Studio ALM MVP for five years and is also active as a Visual Studio ALM. Mathias is a frequent speaker on Visual Studio and Team Foundation Server at conferences and industry events and blogs at http://msmvps.com/blogs/molausson.

Joachim Rossberg

Joachim Rossberg has worked as an IT consultant since 1998. He is primarily a scrum master and project manager but has an extensive history as a system developer/designer. He has demonstrated his technical background with various achievements over the years: MCSD, MCDBA, MCSA, and MCSE. His specialties include project management, ALM process, and Team Foundation Server. Joachim is now working for Know IT Consulting in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Jakob Ehn

Jakob Ehn is currently a Microsoft Visual Studio ALM MVP and also a Visual Studio ALM Ranger. Jakob has 15 years experience in the IT industry, and currently works as a solution architect at Inmeta Crayon ASA, specializing in Visual Studio ALM. Jakob is a ca-author of the Team Foundation Server 2012 Starter book from Packt Publising, and he actively participates in the MSDN forums and contributes to different open source projects, such as the Community TFS Build Extensions and the Community TFS Build Manager. Jakob's blog: http://geekswithblogs.net/Jakob Jakob's Twitter: @JakobEhn

Mattias Sköld

Mattias Sköld is the ALM Solution Manager for Sogeti Sweden, focusing on the Microsoft platform. Mattias has been working in the software industry for 20 years, and as an ALM Consultant the last 5 years helping developer teams and organizations improve the software development process. Mattias is a Microsoft ALM MVP and also an active ALM Ranger, working actively together with Microsoft mainly in the areas of Test and latest as the project lead for The ALM Rangers Branching Tooling project.

  1. Introduction to Application Lifecycle Management
  2. Introduction to Agile Planning, Development, and Testing
  3. Deciding on a Hosted Service
  4. Getting Started
  5. Working with the Initial Product Backlog
  6. Managing Team and Alerts
  7. Initial Sprint Planning
  8. Running the Sprint
  9. Kanban
  10. Engaging the Customer
  11. Choosing Source Control Options
  12. Working with Team Foundation Version Control in Visual Studio
  13. Working with Git in Visual Studio
  14. Working in Heterogeneous Environments
  15. Configuring Build Services
  16. Working with Builds
  17. Customizing Builds
  18. Continuous Deployment
  19. Agile Testing
  20. Test Management
  21. Lab Management