Practical solutions and best practices for IIS 8

Microsoft's Internet Information Services (IIS) is the leading e-commerce web server. If you're a developer or administrator, you need to be thoroughly up to speed with this platform. The expert authors of this book not only cover common administrative tasks; they have gathered a wealth of information from people running and supporting major intranets and web hosting facilities, giving you you an in-depth look at IIS 8 extensibility and operations management. This indispensable, real-world reference examines website administration, the core server, scalability, operations management, and much more.

Professional Microsoft IIS 8:

  • Highlights automated options outside the GUI, including the PowerShell provider and AppCmd tool
  • Explores extensibility options, including ISAPI and HTTPModules
  • Delves into scalability options such as high availability/load balancing
  • Offers IIS performance and optimization tips
  • Clarifies integrated vs. classic modes and the request processing pipeline
  • Explains how to debug and troubleshoot IIS
  • Discusses authentication and authorization
  • Walks you through delegating remote administration and configuring other services
  • Covers new features including URLRewrite and Application Request Routing

Ken Schaefer

Ken Schaefer is a senior architect at HP Enterprise Services and a coauthor of Professional IIS 7. He is a Microsoft MVP for Window Server/IIS.

Jeff Cochran

Jeff Cochran is a senior network specialist for the City of Naples, Florida.

Scott Forsyth

Scott Forsyth is the co-founder and Chief Systems Engineer of Vaasnet, and a Microsoft MVP for ASP.NET/IIS.

Dennis Glendenning

Dennis Glendenning is an enterprise solutions architect with Avanade.

Benjamin Perkins

Benjamin Perkins (MBA, MCSD.Net, ITIL Management) is a Senior Support Escalation Engineer on the IIS and ASP.NET team at Microsoft in Munich, Germany. He has been working professionally in the IT industry for almost two decades. He started computer programming with QBasic at the age of 11 on an Atari 1200XL desktop computer. He takes pleasure in the challenges troubleshooting technical issues have to offer and savors in the rewards of a well written program. After completing high school, he joined the United States Army and served as an M1A3 tank driver in the Gulf War of 1990. After successfully completing his military service, he attended Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas, where he received a Bachelor of Business Administration in Management Information Systems.

His roles in the IT industry have spanned a spectrum from programmer, to system architect, technical support engineer, team leader, and mid-level management. While employed at Hewlett-Packard, he received numerous awards, degrees and certifications. He has a passion for technology and customer service, and looks forward to troubleshooting and writing more world class technical solutions. Benjamin is married to Andrea and has two wonderful children, Lea and Noa.