The main aim of this book is to teach D to readers who are new to computer programming. Although having experience in other programming languages is certainly helpful, this book starts from the basics.

D is a multi-paradigm system programming language that combines a wide range of powerful programming concepts from the lowest to the highest levels. It has C-like syntax and static typing. It pragmatically combines efficiency, control, and modeling power, with safety and programmer productivity in mind.

Each chapter is based on the contents of the previous ones, introducing as few new concepts as possible. It is recommended that the book is read in linear fashion, without skipping chapters if possible.

Although this book was written with beginners in mind, it covers almost all features of D. More experienced programmers can use the book as a D language reference by starting from the index section.

Ali Çehreli

Ali Çehreli has been working as a C, C++, and more recently D programmer with small and large networking companies in Silicon Valley since 1996. He is a board member and the secretary of The D Language Foundation and an organizer of the Silicon Valley Chapter of the ACCU and the DLang Silicon Valley Meetup groups. He is a regular speaker at D conferences.