Everything you need to build real projects with Redux

Redux might be one of the smallest libraries in the JS world, but it is having a huge impact on modern web development. An array of new concepts and ideas make Redux both challenging to understand and extremely powerful to use.

In this book you will learn about the inner workings of Redux, and how to use it to solve real-world challenges. We’ll teach you about everything you need to know to use this valuable tool effectively, including store enhancers, normalized state, unit testing, using third-party libraries, and much, much more.

Ilya Gelman

Ilya is a consultant at 500Tech – Israel’s top AngularJS & ReactJS consultancy. Over the years he was involved in dozens of projects of different scale, from startups and enterprise companies. He organizes the largest AngularJS and ReactJS communities in Israel, speaks and teaches about front-end technologies around the world. Ilya is also an organizer of ReactNext 2016 conference.

Boris Dinkevich

An avid developer for the past 15 years, currently the co-founder of 500Tech - Israel's top AngularJS & ReactJS consultancy and Israel's AngularJS & ReactJS meetup community organizer.