Wield Trello to slay waste and effortlessly manage any project or process

Trello Dojo offers readers tons of time-saving tricks and tips for using the amazing organize-anything service Trello. Whether you're a sales person looking to create a sales pipeline, a college student studying for a killer art history exam, trying to plan your financial future, or just planning your grocery list, Trello Dojo gives you guidance and sample boards that you can copy and use today to make the most of Trello. You'll learn how to use Trello to find a job or hire great employees, how to send text messages to your boards, and even how to automatically add cards to your board every time a bill goes to the president. Finally, you'll learn how to visualize your boards with rich charts and reports, or even on a big screen to share progress and motivate teams within your organization. Whether you're new to Trello, or a Kanban maniac, Trello Dojo is sure to teach you how to make amazing boards that save you time and money today.

Daniel Root