So what about inversion of control containers? There's a lot of confusion around what they do, and why you should use one at all.

Ey You C# developer! Wanting to learn you some JavaScript? You’ve come to the right place! In this article you will learn how to map all those OOP C# concepts you have come to know and love to JavaScript, the ever growing language of the web!

It is a prototype-based language. The concept of prototyping implies that behavior can be reused by cloning existing objects that serve as prototypes. Every object in JavaScript depends from a prototype which defines a set of functions and members that the object can use. There is no class. Just objects. Every object can then be used as prototype for another object.

A merge is an operation carried out between branches. It is the process of pulling the changes made in one branch into another branch.

Many people still think of code reviews as expensive formal code inspection meetings, with lots of prep work required before a room full of reviewers can slowly walk through the code together around a table with the help of a moderator and a secretary. Lots of hassles and delays and paperwork. But you don’t have to do code reviews this way – and you shouldn’t.

The Android transitions framework allows you to configure the appearance of changes in your app's user interface.

A hash function takes an item of a given type and generates an integer hash value within a given range.