Yii is a free, open-source framework for PHP5 that promotes clean, DRY design, and supports rapid development.

Google Adsense is world’s larges Ads Network and works at Pay Per Click system. It’s paying rates are better than all of other networks which is the biggest reason it is so popular to all Bloggers and Webmasters. But since everybody is running behind them, they have made the approval system very strict. You make little mistakes and get disapproved every time. So you need a complete guidance and list of thing that you need to do before applying for Google Adsense and supposing that you are ready.

Internet marketing can be a minefield. There's no official textbook on proper strategy or tactics. It's up to business owners, and the marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) professionals they might hire, to figure out what works and what doesn't.

A teacher’s responsibility, like a UX designer’s, is to present content in a format known as instructional design. In other words, teachers and UX designers must both perform an audience analysis to be aware of their population as a whole.

Facebook is one of the best Social Networking sites for website promotion. You can expect a big increase in your website business from the effective use of Facebook. This guide will help you develop your Facebook account to start sending more traffic to your site.

I am not awesome. I am not a rockstar, superstar, ninja, or guru either. The ‘cult of awesome’ that too frequently crops up in the technology industry is a problem and it breeds a culture of egos and aggrandising that can be self defeating.

Graphics convey the messages a lot better and faster than the plain text. Representation of data in the form of figures, charts, graphs, etc., is known as data representation. We go through a lot of bar graphs, pie charts, etc. In our day-to-day print media and online material, which is all an example of data visualization and how it works.

With a platform that serves millions of people every day, we have a number of services that need to query MySQL. GitHub.com is a large Rails application with a lot of queries generated though ActiveRecord.