No matter where you seek out help, one of the hurdles to solving problems is asking for support about possible solutions, instead of asking about the underlying problem itself.

Eric Lippert talks Code Comments, and using them to explain the meaning of code, drawing on examples of his code from the Roslyn code base.

Modern Internet based applications usually have multiple users viewing and updating data simultaneously. This requires application developers to think carefully about how to provide a predictable experience to their end users, particularly for scenarios where multiple users can update the same data.

The main lesson to take-away from Stack Overflow (the team/product) is that they take performance seriously.

This is a continuation of a tutorial blog series to learn the basics of Git, using GitHub and the GitHub client.

TypeScript is an incredibly useful tool, especially when developing heavy client apps with large teams. It's a strong asset for AngularJS apps.

A site can be coded responsively or you can be tasked with doing a retrofit to make a fixed-width site responsive. Is it better to get a desktop site out quicker and then work on making it responsive as a 'phase 2'?

Did We Build the Right Product? And, Did We Build the Product Right?