Redis drives Timeline, Twitter’s most important service. Timeline is an index of tweets indexed by an id. Chaining tweets together in a list produces the Home Timeline. The User Timeline, which consists of tweets the user has tweeted, is just another list.

Spam traps are important because they are created by the ISPs to specifically lure spammers. In short, sending an email to a spam trap can lead directly to being blacklisted by the organization that set up the trap.

It’s easy to find the benefits of freelancing, but, as with any lifestyle change, it also has significant costs. This post serves as the reality check: here’s how much you’re going to have to pay to get there.

An example of how to calculate the standard deviation for a given data set.

Benchmarking is hard, it’s very easy to end up not measuring, what you think you are measuring

Most programmers do not write tests. We all know that we should write them, but for whatever reason, most of us don't. This is unfortunate, because testing is the most powerful tool we know of to improve software quality. Tests reduce bugs, provide accurate documentation, and improve design.

What static analysis tools can do – and what they can’t do.

Websites and apps collect a variety of sensitive information from their customers and online visitors. If you collect even one iota of information on your website, you need a privacy policy.