Body text refers to the majority of text in a composition. Its job is to be steady so that other things – like wayfinding signals and eye-catching headings – can stand out. Body text is most successful when it is unobtrusive, yet its tone can inspire the expressive qualities of other elements and the composition as a whole.

Widget-based mockups that are designed on the target device and that expand on sketches by introducing user interface (UI) details and increased visual fidelity. These prototypes can be used to pitch ideas to clients, document interactions and even test usability.

As of August 5, 2014 LinkedIn has over 313,000,000 registered members which makes it the largest business network. LinkedIn provides the unique opportunity to its users to connect with business people in all possible fields.

If you want to make it next-level, create a Jerk as a user persona, create some stories for them, and work out if your system is ready for them. You’ll get push-back, but it’s worth it. Nobody wants to be the next Stamped.

Let’s examine the top five cross-platform tools (PhoneGap, Appcelerator, Adobe AIR, Sencha, Qt)

Your job is to protect the user from bugs and usability issues by catching them before they are shipped.

Let’s look at the scenario where we need to confirm a new user’s password during registration.

With the HTML5 History API, we have more control on playing with the browser history. For example, we have a way to add an entry in the history, or change the URL in the address bar without refreshing the page.

OWIN decouples the web server from the application frameworks .This may sound to be a simple principle ,and it is, but if it has many implications if we think about it. As the web server is decoupled from the application framework we can use the application with different web servers and other components.

Using a public Cloud such as Microsoft Azure is associated with a general expectation of infinite capacity and scalability. While we all know that there are always physical limits, the massive scale, ease of management and self-service nature of cloud environments give us the impression of a seemingly infinite set of computing resources. However, all cloud resources have finite capacity and when creating cloud apps we should carefully design for scalability from the very beginning.