With the web slowly maturing as a platform the demand for cryptography in the browser has risen, especially in a post-Snowden era. Many of us have heard about the upcoming Web Cryptography API but at the time of writing there seem to be no good introductions available. We will take a look at the proposed W3C spec and its current state of implementation.

The world of SSL/TLS Internet encryption is in trouble again. You may have heard that recently a new vulnerability called POODLE has been found in the ancient SSLv3 protocol. Shortly before another vulnerability that's called BERserk has been found (which hasn't received the attention it deserved because it was published on the same day as Shellshock). I think it is crucial to understand what led to these vulnerabilities.

I had always heard that dealing with HTTP requests with the native Node.js API was a nightmare, but after some investigation, I found what I needed was actually incredibly easy.

Is improvement old-fashioned? Is process going out of style? It would seem that, according to the Google Ngram search on Process Improvement, it started being discussed in the mid-1980s and peaked around the year 2000, and has now started declining.

Every project needs a little magic, and every project manager needs a little bit of “woofle dust” to make obstacles disappear and help launch dates align with the project schedule.

Software Testing is going through some revolutionary changes on philosophy, practices and tools; largely driven by current business and the IT environment. This article is an attempt to look at factors influencing changes in testing space, emerging trends in testing and the impact they have on testing professionals in the 21st century.

Often it’s obvious to testers when something hasn’t worked. The application crashes, there’s no output, or it’s gibberish. Sometimes the output superficially looks ok, but in context it’s patent nonsense, e.g. a schoolchild’s age is calculated at 25. However, with complex applications, especially financial systems, it can be harder.

Angular is built around some really bad ideas that make it a pain to work with, and that we need to come up with something better. Whatever the reason is for Angulars popularity, it isn’t that it’s a great framework.

A category is an embarrassingly simple concept. A category consists of objects and arrows that go between them.