Angular is a powerful tool for managing the display of data. However, like any powerful tool there can be trouble if misused. Below we’ll look at some common AngularJS mistakes. They vary in severity, but ultimately can conspire to make developing an AngularJS application more of a headache than it needs to be. We’ll cover five of these common mistakes, and ways to avoid them.

In this blog we will look at the Extended Event query_post_execution_showplan (similar to Showplan XML Statistics Profile) in SQL Server 2012 which has an interesting addition of cpu_time and duration for filtering.

Bertrand Meyer coined the term Open/Closed Principle which appeared in his book titled Object Oriented Software Construction in 1988. The principle reads “software entities (classes, modules, functions, etc.) should be open for extension, but closed for modification“.

A few years back a fascinating number came out of Gartner. They predicted that within the Enterprise market there would be a trillion dollar (that’s $1,000,000,000,000) backlog of IT projects by 2015

Some of the best interesting quotes on software testing and quality assurance

Netflix: "We’ve been busy building our next-generation web application using Node.js. Today, I want to share some recent learnings from performance tuning this new application stack."

Social media share buttons can be easily added to any website. The buttons make it simple for users to share the page, and display the number of times people have shared that page. This might make it seem like a no-brainer to include on every website you design, but these buttons come at a cost to performance.

While code coverage is a good number to look at in terms of reach achieved in a testing cycle, is it foolproof? Is this metric a silver bullet for understanding the team’s coverage and vouching for testing scope? In short, no. But it is a vital step on the way to solving your testing coverage issues.

Finding the min, max, and avg price of an order in your purchases table is easy. But what about the median price? Medians are much more difficult for the database to compute, so there usually isn't a built-in function for this.

Let’s take a look at 3 simple techniques for avoiding state in our code.