Azure DocumentDB is a fully-managed document database hosted in Microsoft Azure. It is designed to provide rich NoSQL capability to applications, which would otherwise have to deploy and manage some self-hosted NoSQL database.

Using the open source Mono project, getting a typical Hello World .NET application running on the Raspberry Pi isn’t much of a challenge. So I figured it would be cool if I could use the little Pi to run ASP.NET code, which opens up a whole range of possibilities.

Coming from a sane language you might think that this in JavaScript is kind of like this in an object oriented language like Java, something that refers to values stored in instance properties. Not so. In JavaScript it is best to think of the this as a boggart carrying a bag of data with an undetectable extension charm.

Search has became an important feature and we've seen a big increase in the popularity of tools like elasticsearch and SOLR which are both based on lucene. They are great tools but before going down the road of Weapons of Mass Search, maybe what you need is something a bit lighter which is simply good enough!

A Good User Interface has high conversion rates and is easy to use. In other words, it's nice to both the business side as well as the people using it.

When writing Android code, there are many situations in where you’ll need to make network calls. There are several different ways of performing these network calls, and after reviewing them all, we’ve determined some are good, some are bad, and one in particular is just plain ugly.

So you have just set up brand new site or are keen to optimise an existing one. Conducting a (regular) full website audit will ensure that your site consistently performs well in the search engines, uncovers any risky areas that could get the site penalised and makes sure it complies with the latest search engine guidelines.

Suppose two studios approach you. Studio A has a strategy centered around making a big play on one game. It plans to take your investment and use it to make that game as best it can and find success. Studio B has a different idea. It plans to make many small games, build a platform and ecosystem between them and see which works. Then to accelerate what works to success. Studio A’s model is a deep bet on a single property. Studio B’s model is a broad bet across the market. Which should you choose?