Collecting information about people allows you to make significantly better products, and the more information you collect, the better products you can build.

There's a number of pubsub libraries for JavaScript out there. If you're using Backbone, they're all a waste of time. The Backbone object itself works as an event hub that your components (views, models, collections, etc) can listen on, and since that object will always be visible to pretty much every component you write, there's no reason why you'd step out of it.

While this column has concentrates on one technology for passing multiple parameters to a stored procedure, that's really just a means to an end. The real goal is to make your application run faster by reducing trips to your database. However you do that will make your users say the best thing: "Hey, that was fast!"

High quality templates, mature design patterns, automation, AI, and mobile technology are signaling the end of web design as we know it.

In this article we would learn how to add power of ElasticSearch to your ASP.Net application using NEST. It covers the basics of setting up ElasticSearch, creating an index, indexing data and searching the same data.

Learning about CSS specificity will give you a deeper understanding of how CSS property values are resolved.

One of the more interesting aspects of DocumentDB that sets it apart from other document databases is that it lets you tune the consistency.

While schema-free databases, like DocumentDB, make it super easy to embrace changes to your data model you should still spend some time thinking about your data.