Jenkins is an extensible, open source continuous integration server. It builds and tests your software continuously and monitors the execution and status of remote jobs, making it easier for team members and users to regularly obtain the latest stable code.

Five Strategies for Making Order Out of Chaos

Think about the app you’re building right now. What actions can people take? What are you asking them to do? What are you allowing them to do? What are the rules and dead-ends? What sort of language do you use to guide people?

Building HTML email is a lot like building a web page. 10 years ago. Email clients haven't been as progressive as web browsers in adopting new standards, while we users and companies haven't adopted new email clients like we have web browsers. Add to that the rise of mobile, we're left in this state where we have to support so many convoluted clients and versions.

Great Email Copy collects some of the interesting and well-crafted emails sent out by companies — be it transactional emails, notifications or regular mailings.

Z-index is an inherently tricky thing, and maintaining z-index order in a complex layout is notoriously difficult. With different stacking orders and contexts, keeping track of them as their numbers increase can be hard — and once they start to spread across CSS files, forget about it! Because z-index can make or break a UI element’s visibility and usability, keeping your website’s UI in working order can be a delicate balance.

Software cannot take into account the way humans perceive shape, colour, and size — that is to say the software cannot understand the context of an object in relation to other objects, in the context of an overall visual language, or how a human would perceive the object.

In case you haven’t already heard, mobile responsive design is kind of a big deal. All the big names in digital marketing have talked about it, but it turns out that it might be even more important than even they thought.